Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tags on Etsy

are a joke.  The flagging system is a joke.  I have purposely not used the word 'Etsy' in any of my later posts because I refuse to give them any more advertisement because they sure as hell don't do anything for me, but I'm hoping google picks up this post and they read it because I'm fed up.

I'm fed up with people using Etsy as a place to unload their personal stash of jewelry. I just happened upon 2 shops that I know for a fact are doing this.  I have found one of the rings they are selling at and flagged and supplied the link.  The fact that their 'handmade' stuff is at such a basic skill level and then they have these metalworked rings with stampings in them, no less, is very telling, but the items remain despite the proof.  I found someone who is selling stuff from  Seriously folks, if you want a spider mood ring, buy it there and not from this seller, it's only $4!!!!!!!

Someone else is selling a cast iron 'animal' that they pulled out of their yard.  A little rusted, but you can use it in an easter basket.  It's in supplies.  They also have little cardboard houses they claim to have made themselves and the same ones are for sale on .  sure, you can buy kits and make them, but why not sell the kits?  The finished product is not a supply, and it barely passes as handmade as far as I'm concerned.  Any monkey can put a kit together.  The problem with shops like this is that they do have legitimate stuff in their shops that either really are a supply, or handmade stuff, but then they add these other items that are agaist TOS and there is nothing we can do but flag.

I didn't go looking for these infractions either, I just clicked on a category and there they were as plain as the nose on your face.  No one but us monitors the listings and if they are so backed up with flags, what does that tell you?  That maybe there is so much on the site that doesn't belong that it's a problem?  Or so much is miscategorized or mistagged that it's a problem?

And then there's alchemy.  Where you are supposed to be able to request a special item to be made for you.  Something that isn't already offered on the site.  Not knockoffs of other people's work for a cheaper price, not knockoffs of precious name brand jewelry or clothing because you can't afford the 'real thing'.  It's not supposed to be for 'what can I get for my boyfriend's sister's BFF for $3 including shipping'.  You aren't supposed to advertise your business there.  You aren't supposed to request supplies or vintage items there.  I saw someone looking for scrabble tiles.  There are dozens of shops that sell them.  Contact one of them if you are looking for a specific letter.  I don't look at alchemy too often, I'm busy enough with custom work, but sometimes if I'm bored I"ll look.  The other day, in 3 pages I must have flagged over a dozen of requests for flagrant violations.  Another dozen were 'what can I get for' or requests for knockoffs.  The problem with no one monitoring this section is that they get bids, so by the time it's removed (if it even is) they've already gotten what they're looking for.

The whole site is just a free-for-all.  do what feels good to you and the hell with everyone else.  The problem with that is it screws up the site for those that follow the rules.  I'm sure some of the ones who would never dream of abusing tags or categories are now finding that joining them is much easier than trying to change it.  And those that have no clue that their abusing tags and categories?  Sorry folks, you get lumped in with the ones that do it purposely, because ignorance is no excuse.  Just because you don't know something doesn't mean it's excusable, it's your responsibility to know the rules of the venue you are selling on.

And don't get me started on SEO and google base.  I may not be able to post in the forums, but I sure read them.  What a clusterfuck those issues are.  I have no faith that Etsy will get either of those right the first time.  Or the second, or third time.

Ok, rant over for the moment.  You can all go back to your regularly scheduled rainbows and cupcakes now.  Thank you.

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