Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lily (short for Lily Munster from the dramatic widow's peak markings on h er face) was picked up by our local shelter as a stray. I'm guessin now, that we've had her a month she has settled down somewhat, although she is still full of that puppy exuberance that is hard to tame down. After 2 accidents on the floor, she now goes to the front door and patiently waits and if someone doens't appear to be paying attention, then she jumps up on the back of my chair, letting out little breathy yips, just in case the claws on the chair are not enough of a clue that she wants out.

Once out, on a leash of course, she sniffs around, squats to pee an just when you think she sniffing to prepare for round 2, a distant barking dog, or a misplaced garbage can at the curb will immediately derail her from her mission.

The spca staff told us she was a german shepherd cross.....I suppose I can see it, sort of, but she definitely has terrier in her. Had I know about the terrier side, I'm not sure she would have been my first choice for our family. I am not that active and she really needs an active family to take her for walks and play with her.

She crate trained righ from the start, with nary a peep, she seems happy, if not bored and is affectionate with us, so it gives me hope. As does her looks, she's kind of hard to resist