Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lily Got Skunked ------- Again!

Yep, you read that right.  Only a few weeks ago she got skunked while my hubby was out of town, and guess what?  He left again today for the weekend, and voila' Lily hit the stinky jackpot once more.

This time is was earlier in the evening,.  Since the hubs wasn't around for her 9pm walk, I took her out in the yard to let her run off some steam and do her business.  She ran over into the next yard as always making these huge sweeping circles as if she knows this is her only chance to blow off that steam for the night.  Suddenly she comes racing into the back yard and doesn't come back to the front where I am waiting for her.  I wait a moment, call her, and hear this scuffling coming from under the back deck.  Sure enough, she's under there with some kind of animal, I don't hear anything but underbrush being torn apart,  and I can't see anything because the motion light on the back corner of the house doesn't throw enough light to see under the deck.  So I call, and call, with promise of cookies and treats and still the noises continue.  By this time I'm thinking the lack of noise means it's probably a rabbit, and I'm visualizing it trying to dart past or around her.

My thoughts were quickly proven to be wrong, however, when that familiar stench began filling the air.  Lilly came running out from under the deck and started rolling in the wet grass, digging her face in it to get the spray off of her.  Of course, like an idiot, I didn't replenish the hydrogen peroxide I used the last time this happened, so I'm standing there wondering what the hell I'm going to clean her off with this time.  After one more attempt to get at the skunk, I managed to get her into the house.  I now have a headache from the smell.  I managed to find some oxyclean under the sink, so I used a washcloth and wiped her face , neck and chest off.

I guess she smells a little better, my nose is stuffed up now so it's hard to tell.  I'm sure my olfactory nerves have also gotten used to the smell.

I'm thinking now, since this has happened twice since my hubs has gone out of town that he is responsible for this.  He probably figures I have wild sex parties while he's gone and he'd throw a wrench into it by letting a skunk out nearby, knowing my dog would have a run in with it.  The dog would stink, the house would stink, I'd be preoccupied and not in the mood for a party so it would wind up not happening.  Pretty smart man.  What it really ruined was my 3 favorite program's season premiere episodes tonight.   I'll get him back though, I'm going to let her sleep on his side of the bed while he's gone, under the covers and use his pillow.  He he.

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PussDaddy said...

Oh, I see this sort of stuff happens to you when your husband leaves town, too. Poor Lily. I hope she gets to smelling better.