Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rules, laws, commandments and convention

I've been observing some forum discussions lately, that while interesting and thought provoking, seem to deteriorate very quickly when certain people enter the thread and start throwing digs at the Original Poster.

It makes me feel, without going into detail, that the person being targeted was not punished by the hosting site sufficiently for a small, but vocal group of people who continue to harass this person. As far as I know, it was one incident, no animals were harmed and I'm fairly sure the rule breaker was set straight on the necessity of following the site rules, or else.

They also claim that this same person's posts are nothing more than thinly veiled promotions, and again make the point publicly, as if to try and discredit this person further. they must think that if they harass her enough, she'll just disappear and won't disgrace their forums with her presence any longer. One wonders why, if they feel that way about this person's posts, that they even enter them at all. After all, we are free not to read a subject that is going to upset us. And if it's behavior that you seem to feel is repetitive, then, by all means, stay out of them, unless, of course, your sole purpose in participating in them is to wait for an opening to further denigrate this person.

I think people need to let go and move on, harboring these kinds of negative feelings can't be good for you. I find if someone is toxic to me, I avoid them, I don't need their toxicity in my life. I then cease to care what they do. It's actually a very freeing concept.

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