Friday, August 21, 2009

A New Day Dawns

It seems that all the reading I've been doing about blogs are that they are for the purpose of advertising your website. Although I started out needing a place to put my wedding photos and tell my "story", after I opened my Windy's Designs Shop I figured I'd use it for promotional purposes. I managed to get a few of my jewelry pieces in here, but somehow, it just didn't keep my attention, and advertising, when I don't really have any readers, seemed pointless.

Then we got Lily, and I thought, 'cool, now I have something to blog about!'. Well, one year later, I see that even she wasn't enough of an inspiration to keep me going. (We still have Lily, by the way).

So, I started reading blogs. All sorts of blogs, ones that give tips and techniques into jewelry making, ones that help people with their online businesses, some more that are just about life in general. I figured, generally speaking, I have a life, such as it is, and I could blog about that. So, with renewed enthusiasm, I have officially re-started my blog.

I can't promise pithy prose, or laugh your butt off humor, but I can promise that I'll do my best to keep it interesting. And if it winds up boring, well, you can read it before bedtime instead of taking a sleeping pill.

So sit back, grab your cup of choice, fill it with your favorite potable and we can have a virtual sit down at my kitchen table. After I clear it off, that is. And I clean the kitchen, and vacuum and fold the laundry you can see lying on my bed. Oh, and lest not forget the bathroom where my husband is grateful for the 1/2 inch of counter space my daughter and I provide for him.

See you soon!

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