Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Pioneer Woman

Nowadays blogging is where 'it's at'.  Everyone and their gerbil has a blog and cover every subject from A to Z.  Some people are really into it, and others, like me, are new to blogging and haven't found their rhythm yet and are kind of all over the place with their topics.  I was never a blog reader either, except for things pertaining to Etsy, but although the blogs are entertaining and informative, they tend to get a little boring and can be a bit of a downer since most of them bring up and belabor the negative points of said site.

So, completely by accident I discovered The Pioneer Woman.  Advertising on blogs is quite common, either by purchasing advertising space or being reviewed by the blogger.  I decided to google top blogs and in skimming the list, happened upon one that sounded interesting, so I clicked and started reading.  I haven't stopped!

I started with her true life story "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels"  where she tells the story of meeting the love of her life "the Marlboro Man".  It's romantic and the kind of story you'd read in a Harlequin Romance Novel.  I was thankful that I was reading it as she was just finishing up the last few chapters, I don't think I could have survived breathlessly waiting for each installment as they were written.

The funny thing about Ree Drummond is that she comes across as a real person.  I feel like I know her.  Reading her blog always makes me smile, and if I lived closer I'd kidnap that adorable Charlie because I just know they don't love him enough!

I've followed her as she published her first cook book and did her book tour. Her blog is filled with recipes, homeschooling, gardening, photography, animals, kids and an eye-opening look at ranch life.

I'm not much of a blog reviewer, so if Ree ever catches wind of my post, I hope she's in a forgiving mood.  I just know what I like, and I absolutely love her blog and wanted to share.

Just make sure you have a pot of coffee and a comfy chair because I can guarantee you will spend hours being entertained on her blog.

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