Friday, January 01, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I'm not much of a writer, as evidenced by this poor excuse for a blog, but then, my readership isn't such that I feel like I have anything to live up to, ya know?  I can't talk about my jewelry all the time, I don't have any funny stories or pictures to share about family because my son's live far away, my daughter, who lives at home,  spends all of her time going to college classes, working or with her boyfriend.  When she is home she's holed up in her room studying or just chilling out.  She can be a hermit just like her old lady. 

My husband, although he is around fairly often when he isn't working or off in the woods hunting furry creatures (which manage to elude him for the most part) isn't particularly funny or photo worthy unless you catch my daughter grabbing that little clump of hair under his bottom lip (we call it the grabby thing) and makes him lip synch to South Park's ''Kyle's Mom is a Bitch''.  It's hysterically funny, even after the eleventy thousandth time.

So mostly, it's just me, Lily the dog and Loki and Razzy the cats.  Somehow, I can't seem to make the dog curled up in her chair or the cats looking out the window a newsworthy event.  And besides, even when they do something funny or cute, I don't have a camera nearby.  The last time I tried, by the time I got the camera, discovered the batteries were dead and I had replaced them, got back to the scene of the cuteness.....well, let's just say the moment had passed.

My life isn't that interesting and there aren't very many ways to dress up the mundane.  For example, we had New Years dinner with my sis in law Bonnie and her BF Joe.  We had steak and lobster.  It was delicious.  We did have to play musical chairs before sitting down to actually eat because Bonnie's house is quite small, and some of us aren't so small and we like to be able to breath when we eat.  Just makes the meal more pleasant.   So, once we all had sufficient 'tummy room' around the table, we ate a delicious dinner, drank homemade wine and homemade christmas cookies for dessert.  We sat around the table discussing various family members and Bonnie received a text message from our nephew Jimmy, which said something to the effect that he wanted to wish all the ugly people a happy new year early, because he had to text the beautiful people later.  Or something like that.  That's our Jimmy!

I suppose I could tell you about Christmas Eve at Freddy and Sandy's house.  It's tradition that the family gather's there every year.  We all bring food, sit around and chat, drink, talk about 'the old days', which usually always includes the story about Bonnie falling back in a chair at the funeral home and not wearing any underwear.

The last few years have seen the annual family gathering grow smaller and smaller.  We lost Billy just a few weeks before Christmas.  He was the second youngest (my husband is the baby).  He had been ill for quite some time, so this wasn't unexpected.  He was never the same after his wife Donna passed a few years ago.  Anyway, Freddy (the oldest) and Bonnie went over to the funeral home and brought Billy over to the house to celebrate Christmas with us.  Did I forget to mention that his remains had been cremated?  So, Billy sat in a place of honor and we all toasted to him, reminisced,  and Bonnie put his teeth (dentures) in the box with him.  Just in case the afterlife doesn't come equipped with a full set of pearly whites.

So, did I make any New Years Resolutions?  well, I resolved not to eat any cooked green vegetables like broccoli, peas and lima beans, the same things I give up for lent and so far I've stuck to it.  It seems a little foolish to change things now since I have the fortitude not to be swayed from my resolve.  I resolve not to torture my family with home cooked meals and order take out more often, and I resolve not to be such a neat freak and let our home assume a more relaxed, lived in atmosphere.

I suppose I could make a resolution to be a more responsible blogger......or not.  Tell you what, I will resolve to blog as often as I feel like it, how's that?

Well, Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2010 is everything you hope for and more.  Of course, I say that EVERY year and then at the end of THAT year, I hope the next year  isn't as crappy as the one before.  Hope springs eternal, I guess.

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smidge girl said...

Lol, great post! It sounds like your holidays were definitely interesting! Love your New Years resolutions. Let's all hope this year isn't as crappy as the last!