Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Peepers the Cat

So, I've already mentioned my two older cats, Loki and Razzy, but 6 months ago we became the parents of a 6 week old kitten.  My daughter's boyfriend has a friend in the service who has a Savanna female cat.  If you aren't familiar with them, they are a hybrid cross between and African serval and a Bengal.  They have a very exotic look, with spots and stripes, very slender with long legs and are supposed to have a personality akin to a dog.  Their cat wasn't fixed, so unfortunately a stray tom had his way with her and as a result, she had a litter of kittens.  Because the friend had to go back to his base without the kittens, he gave them away early.  My daughter brought one home.

She was so tiny, she fit in the palm of my hand.  She made the most pitiful peeping noises, hence, the name Peepers.  I had wanted a more exotic name for her, but nothing fit. For the first few weeks she was my baby.  I held her when she slept, and when she was hungry, she'd make that pitiful sound and run out to the kitchen to be fed.  Because of the other 2 cats and our dog Lily, I had to feed her on the kitchen table, and she would reach up with her front paws for me to pick her up.  As soon as her belly was full, she was ready to sleep and I would hold her in the crook of my arm and just gazed at her sweet face, often taking her into the bedroom, and while still holding her, taking a nap myself.
At first, the two older cats were pretty tolerant of her, Loki actually let her crawl up with him on the chair to nap together.
But that didn't last too long.  Pretty soon Peepers was tearing around the house terrorizing everyone, chasing the two older cats. Razzy is the timid one, but she manages to stand up to Peepers most of the time and Peeps will back down.  Loki, on the other hand, for all his size and demeanor as king of the house, is really a wus.  He screams, runs, hisses and huffs and heads for the door.  He's an indoor/outdoor cat and when he's had enough he's at the door yowling to be let out.

Nandy, one of my daughter's rabbits, comes out occasionally to 'play' with Peepers, however, it mostly consists of sitting patiently while Peepers mauls him.  No bunnies were hurt in the taking of these pictures:

Lily, on the other hand, has been a perfect nursmaid and playmate.  Although a little rambunctious herself, most of the time they manage to play well together. And even enjoy some naptime together.
Unfortunately, Peepers has a habit of grabbing my hand with her front paws to play bite, I've taught her "no" and usually she'll stop and then lick me, but she often gets those back paws to shredding.  My hands are full of scratches from her.  One of her favorite things to do is lay on one of the kitchen chair cushions, hidden by the table cloth and swat at you when you walk by.
I confess, I've spoiled her rotten.  She came at a time when I was very depressed and she helped me so much by giving me something else to focus on.  She sleeps with me, both for naps and at night, whether I fall asleep on the couch or I'm in bed. Often she'll crawl under the blanket to snuggle.  I love all my cats, but she is something special.
How could you not love that face?

For Christmas I bought a cat tree.  It's 6 ft high with 3 perches, and a platform with a covered condo.  Peepers uses it the most, but they all take turns lounging on it.  Usually not all at the same time though.  Just this past weekend, we had a cold but very sunny day, and the cat tree is in front of a Southern Exposure window and I found Loki and Peepers lounging on it.
Even though the platforms are a pretty good size, Loki kind of drapes over it, but he doesn't really seem to mind;

Peepers, on the other hand, reigns supreme on the top perch:
Razzy, who was not about to be left out, perched prettily on the chair observing the sunshine from a distance"
So, I think I caught up with the latest pictures now.  I will continue to add posts as time goes on, after all, I'm such a good cat mom.


Robin said...

Love the story of Peepers!

Lise Winne said...

Good cat stories!

Gravel Road Jewelry said...

Lovely story and even lovlier cats ... :)

Gravel Road Jewelry said...

Ooops ... and one great dog!!! :))

catinalife said...

how fast they grow, she is a pretty young lady. kitty nose kisses from da boys, they think she is a cutie.

bluetina said...

Love your cats Lori!

Little Things said...

Lori, I love them all, including the dog and the bunny. Peepers is your baby! So cute.

Forget Me Not Soap Shop said...

All your animals are beautiful, she is a doll face..

SeventhChild said...

She is gorgeous. Of course they all are. She, however, we get to see go from cute little kitty to regal cat.

Desert Arts Pottery said...

They are all so beautiful Lori!